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Our Classes


4-6 Years

L.K.G. supports children’s cognitive and emotional development, fostering confidence, self-expression, and readiness for higher levels of learning in primary school.


5-7 years

U.K.G. promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and independent learning, nurturing children’s confidence and readiness for the next educational milestone.


1-3 Years

Kindergarten helps kids build a solid foundation in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking, preparing them for future academic success.

Pre K.G.

3-5 Years

Lotus Kids Preschool Pre-KG provides a nurturing early childhood environment where curious young minds blossom through engaging activities, and creative play

About Us

Ignite Your Child's Curiosity at Lotus Kids!

Welcome to Lotus Kids Preschool, where learning and nurturing go hand in hand! At Lotus Kids, we provide a warm and stimulating environment that fosters the growth and development of young minds. We believe in creating a solid foundation for our little learners, preparing them for a lifetime of curiosity, exploration, and success.

Parent Info

 Please call us directly regarding enrollment, fees, curriculum, and other relevant information

In Hyderabad, our curriculum typically focuses on a combination of play-based learning and age-appropriate academic activities.

Lotus Kids Preschool Pre-KG prioritizes a secure learning environment, implementing rigorous safety protocols and attentive supervision to ensure the well-being of every child in their care.

We ensure age-appropriate social interactions, allowing your child to engage with peers of the same age group

In the event of illness or injury, Lotus Kids Preschool Pre-KG promptly notifies parents, maintaining transparent communication and taking necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of your child while providing the required care and attention.

Lotus Kids Preschool Pre-KG prioritizes a secure and organized afternoon pick-up process, requiring authorized individuals to present proper identification, fostering a safe and efficient transition for each child from the preschool to their designated guardians.


Top rated!
Lotus Kids Preschool has been a blessing for my child's early education. The teachers go above and beyond to create engaging and interactive lessons
3 April 2023
Choosing Lotus Kids Preschool was one of the best decisions we made for our child's educational journey. The school provides a safe and inclusive environment
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17 May 2023
I am grateful to the dedicated staff at Lotus Kids for providing a nurturing and stimulating environment for my child's growth.
10 May 2023
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